Why Should Healthcare Entrepreneurs Focus on Digital Marketing & Personal Branding?

Why Should Healthcare Entrepreneurs Focus on Digital Marketing & Personal Branding?

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Do You Want Your Dream Idea to Change To A Healthcare Digital Startup?

Do You Struggle With Your Marketing Strategy?

Do You Want Your Marketing Strategy Converted into A Pot Of Gold?

How do you Create Your Personal Brand In A Very Short Time & Effective Way?

If All These Questions Are Wondering In Your Head, You Are At The Right Place.

In This Article, You Get All The Stuff About Marketing Like-Fundamental, Laws Of Marketing, Type Of Marketing, Marketing Strategy With Examples, Some Frameworks, Personal Branding Framework, And Much More.

Do You Know That Most Of The Healthcare Startups Failed Because They Don’t Have A Digital Marketing Strategy? They Don’t Do Proper Research For His Products, They Don’t Have A Better Plan To Grow Your Products Or Services.

So In This Article, We Will Discuss All These Topics. Which Are Very Useful For Healthcare Professionals Whose Want To Create Solid Digital And Social Presence, So I am Starting with Basics Because Future Success starts With Solid Fundamentals.

The Fundamentals OF Marketing

What Is Marketing?

In Simple Words “ Marketing Is The Process Or Act of Driving Profitable Customer Action. It Is a full of Strategies & Tactics Where Organisations Use To Position Products And Services In The Marketplace And Obliged Target Audience To make Purchases “

“Marketing Is Selling More To More People To more Money”

The Marketing Mix Or The 4 P’s Of Marketing

Strategies can change in marketing, and tactics can change but they can never change the four aspects of marketing The Four P’s — Product, Price, Promotion & Places. Some Model Expands These Basic Principle To 7 P’s But This 4 P’s is Sufficient For Understanding How Marketing Works.

1- Products

2- Promotion

3- Price

4- Places

Honing Your Marketing With These Strategies –

1- Use Delta 4 Concept In Your Business- Yess ..Delta 4 Concept. Delta 4 Is a new Concept By Indian Entrepreneur Kunal Shah, Founder Of Freecharge & Cred. He Invented Delta 4 Wealth Creation Theory. This Framework Is Very Useful For Marketers and Healthcare Entrepreneurs, With The Help Of This Framework They can Find Wealth Creating Opportunities For their Products or Business.

What Is The Delta 4 Theory

According To Kunal Shah, All The Insufficient Stuff Is In The Past And All The Sufficient Stuff Is In The Future. For Instance -Stronger Legs, Sharper Teeth.

If Efficiency Scoring (Number of customers who adopt the new model and those who stick to the old one) is more than 4, It carries a huge potential to be successful.

Delta 4 Concept

Traits Of Delta 4 Concept

1- It’s Irreversible- You Will Not Go Back In The Past State.

2-Universal Brag Worthy Preposition >Universal Selling Proposition

For Example-Truecaller, How Truecaller Found a Way To People’s Hearts Without Paid Ads Because It’s UBP.

3- High Tolerance- For Example- If IRCTC Website Is Not Working, You will still not go back to the train station to book the tickets.

You Can Understand Brief Here

2- Customer Profiling- Customer Profiling Is a Process Where We Collect Data About Our Target Audience. Its Represents Customer Specific and Detailed Identity. And That Profile Details Helps You to understand key details about Customer And Relationships and Behaviour With Your Products and Service. We Create Customer Profiling With These 6 Ingredients-

1- Demographics

2- Location

3- User Psychology

4- Challenges and Pain Points

5- Sources Of Information

6- Objections

3- Educate On Your Benefits — Marketing Is About Sending The Right Message To The Right Person, At The Right Place. So Tell The World About Your Products Benefits.

4- Measure And Analyze — Which Marketing Strategy You Use In Your Business Measure It Analyze It Because Without Analyzing You Don’t Know About Outcomes And are Not To Ready To Create Future Strategies.

Some Important Laws Of Marketing You Should Use 

1- Narrow Focus — yes you Should Use a Narrow Focus In Your Business If You Have One and More Products So Focus On Only One And Market them. Here Is The Live Example Of the Indian Market — Parle-G, Parle Have Many Products But They Focus on Only One Brand and they have dominated the market to date.

2- Be The №.1 In Your Category — Keep in mind that if you are the first in the category you want to go to, So you can make good wealth creation from your business and can dominate the market. Example- In India {Uber And Ola } First comes ola in India and dominates the market.& In the US {Uber And Liftway } First comes Uber in the US and dominates the market.

3- Be The Best — The Purpose Of Marketing Is To Build A Brand And Capture A Position In The Minds Of Consumers So Build Authority And Converts Your Customer Into Brand Ambassadors.

4- Use Value-Added Context — If you are successful in taking the value context to your target audience, then you are able to implement your marketing strategy well.Because Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The Best Channel Of Marketing Ever. If Your Product Or Service Helps Customers And Solve Their Problems It is very likely that they will tell more people about this product of yours.

Types Of Marketing –

1- Traditional Marketing

2- Digital Marketing

3- Content Marketing

4- Email Marketing

5- Social Media Marketing

6- Video Marketing

7- Advertising

8- Search Engine Marketing

9- Influencer Marketing

10- Guerilla Marketing

11- Affiliate Marketing

12- Inbound Marketing

13- Outbound Marketing

14- Public Relation Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing –

The Main difference Between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing Is the Medium Through This Marketing Message is Convey To The Audience. In Spite Of Traditional Marketing Media Use Radio, TV, Magazine, Newspaper, Hoardings & Pamphlet. Digital Marketing Uses Social Media Or Websites.

Meanwhile, Traditional Marketing Is Old Fashioned But Still Play An Important Role. With The Help Of Traditional Marketing We Target A Wide Area Of Target Audience With A Single Stuff Like I Have A Generic products Tv Is One Of The Finest Solution To Cover A Wide Audience Network.

In The same Token, Digital Marketing Is On-Demand In Nowadays. With the Help Of Digital Marketing, You Can Target A Specific And Narrow Audience & With This Marketing Your Marketing cost will be less in front of traditional marketing.

CATT Marketing Funnel

If You Remember Before I Say That About A Pot Of Gold, Yess This is a Framework With The Help Of This Framework You Create Wealth. If You Apply This Framework In Your Healthcare Digital Business You Can Get A Pot Of Gold.

Source – DigitalDeepak.com

First We Understand The Framework Formula –

Wealth = n^CATT


N — Niche — Your Success & Wealth Depends On The Niche You Choose.

C — Content — Create a Useful Content

A — Attention — Drive Attention (Traffic) To Your Content Via Social Media Or Paid ads

T- Trust — Build Trust

T- Transactions — Converts Your Leads Into Customer.

Now Explain With Example –

Suppose My Niche Is Weightloss In Healthcare Category I Am Weightloss Coach, Providing Digital Coaching, So Now I Create Content For My Blog, Social Media & Youtube As Well Like- How To Lose Weight In 30 Days And I Drive Traffic With The Help Of Paid Ads Or Social Media Marketing To My Content And Build Trust. And when I succeed in convincing my target audience They will Like My Content & Contact Me For Sure. After Build Trust, Now is The Time for Transactions, To Provide My Paid Digital Coaching Courses And Convert Them.

Planning To Create Personal Branding Use This Blueprint –

Why Do You Need A Personal Brand? Is It Necessary For Your Healthcare Digital Business Or Not?

In This Section, We Discuss All These Things. Personal Brand Is Necessary For Your Healthcare Business Because People Trust People Not On Company Like That If You Have Personal Brand It Is Good For Your Healthcare Digital Business Because People Want To Hear From Person More Than Your Brand Because They Feel Some Connection With Person. Let Me Give You Example Elon Musk, has their Own Personal Brand, He Influenced Many People.

Then the thing comes to mind: how do we create a personal brand? So this blueprint comes in handy. Like That

Source – DigitalDeepak.com

First You

1 — Learn A Skill

2 — Work On It

3 — Create Content About It (Blog, Video, Podcasts, Graphics Etc.)

4 — Consult Others

5 — Become A Mentor

6 — Launch Your Service or Products (Startup)

That’s a Wrap

So In This Blog, We Have Learned About the Fundamentals Of Marketing, Digital Marketing, the Difference Between Digital And Traditional Marketing, the CATT Funnel Framework, Mass Blueprint. So If You Like My Blog And Want To Add Some of Your Opinion Please Comment on Us Or Contact Us.