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Why You’ll Never Succeed at 11 Facebook Ad Objectives?

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Are You a Small Business Owner, Entrepreneurs Or a Startup? And Want to Promote Your Business With Facebook & Instagram Ad But Confused About Campaign Objectives Which Should You Use For Your Business Goal.

Every Business Has Its Own Specific Goal So If You Want To Grow Your Business With Facebook & Instagram Ad You Should Use A Specific Facebook Ad Campaign Objective, With The Help Of These Objectives You Can Target Your Correct Audience & Reach More People Very Easily.

So In This Article, We Discuss All Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives in Brief.

Why Important To Choose the Best Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives?

Most People Make a Mistake To Choose a Wrong Facebook Ad Objectives And If You Choose a Wrong Objective Obviously You Get Unexpected Results From Your Ads campaign.

When You Select an Ad Objectives It Convey To Facebook About Your Goal And What Action users Takes After Seeing Your Ad.The Facebook Algorithm Will Show Your Ads To The People Who Is Your Target Audience Based On This Information.

Facebook Users Feed Data To Facebook Regularly, With The Help Of User Information, Facebook Uses This Data To Serve Ad To The Most Targeted Audience. Your Campaign Objective is Guide To Facebook What You Want People To Do.

So In This Below Section, We Explain Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives In Brief And will try to know when they should be used.

Types Of Campaign Objectives

Why You'll Never Succeed at 11 Facebook Ad Objectives?
Source – Facebook Business Manager
  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Awareness Objectives


In This category, We Have Two Campaigns Objectives One Is Brand Awareness And the Second Is Reach. In Awareness Objectives Facebook  Mostly Show Ads To The Largest Number Of People in Your Target Audience Within Your Budget Limit. The Goal Of These Objectives Is to Build People’s Interest In Your Business To Show Your Ad To More People.

These Objectives Optimize For Impressions Therefore Your Ads Can Be shown To The Largest People Within Your Target Audience. For this reason, clicks and engagement on these objectives are less.

1- Brand Awareness

The Brand Awareness Campaign Objective Work On Impression. This Means Facebook Will Show Your Ads To The People Whose Mostly Like To Remember Your Brand.

Facebook Gives You Data named “Estimated Ad Recall Lift”.This is the number that the ads shown by Facebook have been shown to the people and they will remember them for 2 days.

Most Big Brands Use This Objective With Big Budget  Because They Want To Know More Data About “Estimated Ad Recall Lift”. Small Brand Not Get Efficient Result With This Objective Rather, he can get good results by doing other marketing objectives instead.

When To Use It

If You Want To Build A Strong And Memorable Brand Which People will Remember for a long time Or Want to Measure Data Of Estimated Ad Recall Lift.

2- Reach

Reach Objective Is Also Optimized For Impressions but In This Objective, Facebook Shows Your Ads Largest People Of Your Target Audience Within Your Budget Limit.

If Your Goal Is Many People See Your Ads Without Taking Immediate Action After Seeing Your Ads You Must Choose This Objective.

When To Use It

If You Are Hosting A Local Event And Want To Tell Most Of The People About The Event You Can Use This Objective. But If You Want People to Buy Event Tickets In Advance So It Is Not A Good Option.


Consideration (2)

In This Consideration Campaign, We Have Six Objectives-

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages

Consideration Objective Optimize for Specific Action Such As Link Clicks And Comments. Facebook Will show your Ads to Your Target Audience Who Are Likely To Take The Action You Have Chosen.

Mostly This Campaign Objective is Used For Low Intent Actions So WithIn Your Target Audience Have Percentage High Those People Whose Take One Action. If Your Goal Is Sales These Objectives Are Not Fair Enough For This Goal.

1- Traffic

Choose This Objective If Your Goal Is Drive Traffic On Your Website. Facebook Mostly Shows This ad Within Your Target Audience Whose Are  Mostly Like To Click Your Link Based On Their Past Activity. Traffic Campaign Optimize For Link Clicks And Landing Page Views.

If You Select Landing Page Views At The ad Set Level Facebook Show Ads Within Your Target Audience Whose Not Only Click Your Link But Also See Your Website.

When To Use It

Choose This Objective When You Drive Traffic To Your Websites Like Your Blog Or Service Page.

2- Engagement

If Your Primary Goal In Facebook Ads Is Engagement So Choose this objective. if You choose This Objective Facebook Shows your ads Within Your Target audience Who Likely Wants To Comment on Your post, Like Your post Response Your Post.

When You Select This Objective You Have Three Options From which you have to choose –

  •  Post Engagement
  •  Page Likes
  •  Event Responses

Post Engagement

If Your Goal Is to Build Social Proof So engagement Is The Best Ads Objective Because In Post Engagement Objective Facebook Show Your ads To People Who Are More Likely To engage With Your Post- Like Comment In Your Post, Like Your Post, Share Your Post, Increase Your Video Views And Clicks In Your Post.

If Your Organic Post Is Not Getting As many results Which You Want So Use This Objective  And Turning  Your Organic Post Into Ads To Get More Results. 

Page Likes

If Your Goal Is To Gain More Followers On Facebook Use This Objective Because With The Help Of This Objective You Get More Page Likes. This Option Is Only Available For Facebook Only, Not For Instagram.

Event Responses

If You run A Facebook event And You Want To Most Of The People to engage With This Event In your Target Audience Event Responses Ads are Good But This Is A Low Intent Action Because If 1000 People Engage With This Ads Does Not Mean 1000 People Join the Event. If You Want To sell Event Ticket So This Ads Objective Is Not A Good Option.

When To Use It

Engagement Campaign Objective Is Mostly Used For Increase Your Fan Following, Social Proof, And Sign Up For Facebook Events.

3- App Installs

If You Want To Increase Your App Installs In Less Time You Need To Choose This Objective Because With The Help Of This Objective Facebook Shows Ads Within Your Target Audience Whose Likely To Download Your App And This Ad is Directly Open In Their App Store So They Can Download Instantly.

In This Objective, You Have Two options One Is Automated And the second Is Manual.

Automated App Ads Usually Simplify Your Ad Creation Process because, In This, Facebook Creates Most Of The Ad Set And You Need To Add Some Creative, Headlines And Primary Text Than Facebook Automatically Created Ads According To Your Stuff and Flipping According To Audience Responses.

When To Use It

If Your Primary Goal Is for People Download and Engage With Your Apps You definitely Use This Objective. but Keep In Mind That Conversion Objective is Also Good For App Installs.

4- Video Views

If You Create Video Views Ads Facebook Start Showing Ads Within Your Target Audience, Who’s More Likely to See Video.

When You Create Video Views Ads You Can Choose To Show Your Ads To An Audience That’s Most Likely to Watch Your ad for 2 Seconds And 15 Seconds Or More With the ThruPlay option.

Actually, Video Campaign Mostly Created For Awareness And Trust So It is Necessary That Your Core Message Will Come At Starting Of The video. And if Your video Has  Audio You Should Add Captions On This.

When To Use It

If Your Core Objective is That The People Watch Your Introductory Video More And You Want More Views On Your Facebook Live Replay So You Should Choose This Campaign Objective.

5- Lead Generation

If You Create Lead Generation Ad You Have The Option To Create A Form So With The Help Of The Form You Can Ask Your Audience About His Details Like Email, Mobile Number, Address Etc.

Like That If Someone Click Your Ads They Instantly Get A Popup Form Where Mostly Form Fill via Facebook And Other Information User Fill.

You Can Download This Information Via Facebook Page And If You Want To All Details Sent To Directly To Your CRM Like- Zapier, Facebook Has This Integration Also Where You Can Integrate Your CRM Very Easily.

When To Use It

If Your Primary Goal is That Your Audience Give Their  Information In Very Easy Way This Is A Very Good Option. Or If Your Website Does Not Have A Signup Form Or is Not Optimized For Mobile.

6- Messages

If Your Objective Is That Your Audience Direct Messages You On Messenger Or Instagram Direct After Seeing Your Ad. This Message Campaign Objective Help You In This Scenario.

Facebook will Show Your Ads Within Your Target Audience, Which Is Likely To Message You Based On History. It Is Important That In This Campaign That Audience Get a Reply Instantly Or Within 10 Minutes. Because After This Time Of Period  People Not Interested In it. 

When To Use It

Message Campaign Is A Good Option If You Want PeopleTo HAve an Opportunity To Ask Question Before Making a Purchase Or Want To Talk With You Before Working With You.

Conversion Objective


Facebook Conversion Objective Has a Three Objectives One is Conversions Second Is Catalogue Sales And the Third Is Store Traffic.

The conversion Objective Is Encourage People In Your Business To Buy Your Product Or Services. this Objective is Optimize For Higher Intent Action Such as Purchase.

These Facebook Ad Objectives Mostly Happen in Specific Action Like Purchase And Email Newsletter SignUp Or Registering For an Event. Each Of These Actions is Considered a Conversion And If Your Goal Is to Get More These Type Of Action Objectives Is A Good Option.

1- Conversions

If Your Primary Goal Is To Have More People Visit Your Website And Take A Specific Action Like Add To Cart, Register For an Event Sign Up For Email Newsletter Or Make A Purchase Conversions Are A One Objective You Should Use. 

If You Create a Conversion Objective Campaign You Should These Things Keep In Mind –

1- Install The Facebook Pixel On Your Website.

2- Install The Conversion API On Your Website.

3- Verify The Domain For Your Website.

4- Configure Your Events With the Events Manager.

Facebook Gives You The Option To Choose Your Relevant Conversion According To Your Goal At The Ad set Level. And Facebook Will Show Ads To People Within Your Target Audience. Example – If Your Goal Is To Get More Sales Than You Optimize Your Conversion Option With Purchase.

When To Use It

This Objective is Good When You Want People to Visit your Website And Take A Specific High Intent Action like Purchase And Submitting Their Details To Become A lead.

2- Catalog Sales

If You Have a Product-Based Business You Need To Create A Catalog On Facebook  And Use These Catalogs To Show Your Ads As A Sales Objective.

These Are Known As Dynamic Products Ads. Actually, You Want To Show a Variety Of Products To Your Users And Want To Retarget Them For A Specific Product By User Actions On the Website. These All Actions Comes Under Catalog Sales Campaign.

In These Ads, Facebook Require A Facebook Catalog. Then Facebook Select Your Product Images Within Your Catalog To Show Your Ads To Your Audience So Make Sure All Images Should Be Is Eye Catching And Attention-Grabbing.

When To Use It

If You Have A Large Number Of Products in Your Catalog And Want To Retarget Them To Your Potential Customers.

3- Store Traffic

If You Have an Offline Store And Want To Foot Traffic To Your Store This Is An Option To Do. But Before Use This Objective You Need To Add Your All Store On Facebook So, Facebook Show, Your Ads Nearby your store Locations.

This Objective Is Good for Businesses When You Have One and More Stores in Different Locations.

When To Use It

If You Have A More Than One Store And Want More People to Visit Your Store From Nearby Locations.

That’s Wrap

Now You Understand How Facebook Objectives Use to Achieve A Goal Perfectly. If Your Campaign Objective Is Clear You Achieve Your Goal Effortlessly.

Keep In Mind That Of The Objective You Choose will Indicate To Facebook To How To Deliver Your Ads To Users. Your Results On Ad Manager, Show That How was Chosen Your Objective And How to Optimize Your Ads.

To Get More Best Result In Facebook Ad Campaigns You Need To Do Testing on Different Campaigns To Achieve Your Goal.

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